Beach Theme Invitation

(includes envelopes, formats open up like a card, laser + insert, or a flat card)
5 out of 5 stars (2)
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  • Tie and swing tags @ $1.75
  • Guests names printed @ $0.75
  • Address labels @ $0.50
5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Sydney, Leichhardt

    I absolutely loved the beach themed invitations for my wedding . The design was exactly the idea I wanted for my beach themed wedding, and the extra ribbon around the invite gave it that extra touch.
    The colors on the invite were stunning and the layout of how I wanted it fitted perfectly.
    The service and ideas from Claire was outstanding and she was able to help me with other ideas if needed. The communication was clear and the turn around time was exceptionally quick.
    I would recommend this design to anyone looking for a beach themed wedding

    By: Rachael Harris on
  • Melbourne

    I fell in love with this design while searching for a wedding invite to suit a destination beach wedding without the usual tacky beach theme. I went ahead and ordered some samples in both the square and DL shapes (well worth checking out the super cute RSVP cards too) and in comparison to many other samples I’d ordered from various websites within the same price range, the quality was far better. The materials, printing and overall craftsmanship were faultless and you really have to see them in person to appreciate this – the website images are definitely a great start but once I had them in my hands, instead of being disappointed they were better then what I was expecting and hoping for. Not only did the invites look classy, they felt classy.

    The only thing better then Lilykiss’ invites, was their service. Almost as soon as I had put an order for the samples in Claire sent me a lovely non-automated email to let me know they were being organised for postage and remained in regular contact to make sure I received all samples and if I had any questions or feedback she was pleased to help and hear what I thought.

    For someone who is very time poor, I had spent around 100 hours (and probably over $100 in ordering samples) scouring the internet and searching for the ‘right’ invite. What I hadn’t realised throughout this process, I was looking for the ‘perfect’ invite and even though I went into my search completely laid back about the whole thing (oh I’ll find something tonight, piece of cake) I had actually turned into a complete princess about it. I also knew exactly what I wanted but I couldn’t tell or show you what it was – I needed someone to briefly describe it to that would understand exactly what I wanted, fill in all the gaps and produce the final product before I could say “Yes, That’s it!”. This was Claire. I can’t say enough how fantastic she was throughout the whole process.

    Now I’d found the design I loved there was of course a few alterations/personalisation options (colour choices, wording, including an extra information card) I had a million questions about. From the very basics covering sizing/colours I had no idea where to start or how to order (online forms for wedding invites scared me) so I bombarded Claire with everything I was looking for and seeking direction on how to and what next. I received responses almost straight away – working long hours contact via email is a perfect on the go option for me, I can reread information and if I think of any other questions or info I have missed I can just send another email. Claire was incredibly patient, understanding, helpful and although I knew I was asking some stupid questions she never made me feel stupid in her responses, also offering some great advice and helped me make decisions if I was stuck on something. I had no idea how much was involved in completing an invite once I’d found the design – following invite etiquette through to wording and gathering guest names and addresses – what a nightmare. Claire was so wonderful throughout the process as I’d made my mind up (size, colours, envelopes) all I would have to do is email her and she would respond with step by step detail, costing breakdowns and any further information she needed to get to the proof stage. She even designed a travel information card to fit inside the invite which included all the text and information I needed to provide guests which I was thrilled with!

    Everything was completed from the first question through to the final product via email and payment options were very simple and easy. Claire sent me through the proofs to view before they went to print which gave me the last chance to change anything and check my spelling of guest names and resort information. Needless to say everything was perfect and we went straight to print. I’d chosen the black and white DL beach theme with black ties and tags, matching RSVP card and information card. They were packaged for mailing very well and were completely flawless when they arrived, leaving a little bit of the fun part to me - adding an RSVP card (with too cute envelopes)and an info card to each invite with a tie and tag to be sealed in a labelled & addressed envelope and ready to be sent. This definitely gave me time to admire the invites and made the wedding start to feel real and the excitement of it all kick in. I couldn’t wait to send them out.

    Our guests absolutely loved them. Many of my girlfriends commented on how unique they are (no tacky beach theme with a tacky diamante or ribbon stuck to it) along with the quality – most very surprised that they didn’t cost an absolute fortune. I have raved for weeks to anyone that wants to know and will listen how wonderful Lilykiss and especially Claire have been throughout the process and even after I’d received my invites. What was rapidly turning into a complete nightmare and headache trying to organise – turned out to be an absolute pleasure dealing with Claire and finding such high quality invites. They deserve full credit for taking all the stress out for me and providing an amazing result that I couldn’t have been any happier with. I would highly recommend Lilykiss to any bride (or groom) beginning or on the search for invites, the quality and service are simply outstanding and I cannot thank Claire and Lilykiss enough.

    By: Emma on
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Beachside wedding invitations are often so tacky... We wanted to give you an option to have a stunning, modern and stylish beach themed invite. This modern, graphic shell array will really set the tone for a stylish seaside wedding - it's a beautiful option while still giving your guests so much insight into how lovely your day will be by the sea. The perfect design in many designer colours to set the tone for your beach affair. Shells have never looked so funky or stylish in this graphic stark print pattern. A graphic take to create these modern shells, making for a gorgeous beach side theme ready to get your guests in the mood. Beach wedding invitations with class. Note that these invites are a folded card - tied up with the trie and tag they are so cute - we print on premium quality fibrous textured card - to create this premium product for Lilykiss. Order a sample for just $5 to see for yourself why this invitation is making so many beachside brides so happy. 

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