Q. Can I order matching items from Lilykiss that I can't see on your site? I.e. wishing wells etc to match my invitations?

A. Yes of course, Lilykiss can provide you will all items of matching wedding stationery. People often request wishing wells to match their theme. These will be on our website soon - they look similar to our rsvp cards (90x90mm) - very cute. We do all of the following wedding stationery items to match your theme. All lovingly designed to tie into your chosen style and technique and be a beautiful complimentary piece to your wedding invitations:

- Order of Service covers
- Save the Date cards (super cute... Ask us for a pic, similar to the RSVP's - a great little teasy into your theme)
- Thank you cards
- Wishing wells
- Information / Accommodation cards
- Maps (we use the cutest little marquee / whales / bus etc icon, our maps are cute on their own!)
- Favour tags (can be used as placecards as well if you want)
- Menus
- Table numbers
- Seating plans (A1, A2 or A3)
And anything else you might need - anything is possible! We can easily work with any ideas you might have for your stationery needs. Please email us for a quote on any extra items, and pictures for anything we don't have online as yet. As our prices are staggered depending on the quantity you are ordering, and if you are getting a large order we can get you a package deal. Such a lovely way to create a strong theme with all your matching items - bring your theme into your day, your guests will notice the details.

Q. I really like your designs, but can't find the right colour palette for my wedding theme. Can you help?

A. Yes - we colour change any design, to any colour for no extra fee! So if you have fallen in love with one of our designs but need it in another colour palette then this is easily done from our end. We want you to get your dream wedding stationery, even of its just making a blue a darker shade etc - nothing is too small. We have a huge range of envelopes and cord - so anything is possible, we can match your stationery so it's the perfect package.

Q. What about my wording? Can I have any wording I want?

A. Yes of course! We are so surprised when we get asked this, you can have any wording on your invitation and stationery that you want - of course! We have never had a problem with any length wording being too long, and of course you get to see a proof before anyway so can change it! There is no right or wrong when it comes to wording, formal/informal - from you, or your parents or both, it's up to you. Here is a starting point below in the link. Send it to us and we can place it so it looks perfect on your layout, no extra charges. We can also add bus option/dietary requirements on your rsvp for no extra charge, we are flexible. On our opening cards people often put the wishing well/gift registry on the back of the card at no extra cost - but they don't fit on the laser cut inserts, wooden invitations, flat cards, foiling or white on kraft wedding invitations, so we recommend emailing us for a quote for wishing well costs on these wedding invitations. 


Q. I'm having a small wedding, do you take orders for less than 30 quantities?

A. Yes we do. Ordering through our cart you will see our minimum qty is 30. This is because short print runs are so expensive. But if you are having a smaller wedding please email us, as we do smaller orders - but it depends on which technique you are looking at.. Unfortunately some ie timber or foil will be the same price as 30 anyway, short runs are just very high in the print world. 

Q. I'm not sure of my numbers so I thought I'd just do some extras a bit later?

A. This is possible of course - but doing an 'extra 2' just isn't that simple. Our printers charge the same set up/trimming fees etc so these tiny runs are very expensive. We COMPLETELY recommend getting at least 5 extra blanks for these situations - people always pop up, you will be so surprised who you have forgotten - trust us it happens 50% of the time, plus you want to keep one for yourself as a keepsake! Get the extras now rather than later.

Q. I really like a wedding invitation design but can't find it as a package, ie matching rsvp cards and placecards?

A. We have been such bust beavers adding so many new gorgeous designs and techniques that we haven't had time to add all the additional stationery items for all of our designs. However all of our designs come as a matching set, they will be added ASAP, please just email us if you are interested in seeing the matching items. ie rsvp card for a particular design and we will send you a pic.

Q. Can I use your designs for an engagement party, baby show or birthday invitations?

A. YES! Absolutely. We will just change the wording and layout to for your needs and the occasion - you will see a proof first of course to amend of sign off. 

Q. What are your timings?
A. After sign off and full payment your invite will be in the with within 9 - 15 working days. Please note that the liners and acrylic can be slower so please allow 3 weeks. This does not include public holidays or the Xmas period. Our printers shut over the Christmas break so please check timings with us  for the NY :) 

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