Play With Typography For Unique Wedding Invitations!

The Team here at Lilykiss love it when our clients choose such an usual design like our 'Name Game' wedding invite. We have just sent Emily and Aidan's custom design off to print! Carefully sculpting your names into a funky design makes for a very fun, and pesonalised invitation option. This really is a design that wow's your guests - very unusual and stationery - that literally, has your name all over it. However the cool typographical pattern isn't so obvious its easy - it's created a modern piece of design - that your guests will love and you'll keep forever. We can make any length names fit! And it was a pleasure seeing how excited this couple was when thry saw the final product, there's nothing like seeing your own design. We combined this wedding invitation with a dull metallic slate envelope - the effect will be stunning. This modern invite features cute love birds on the inside - Emily and Aidan ordered rsvp cards as well that feature this cute duo. They wanted a wishing well - but to save them money - as our wedding invites open up like a card - there was plently of space to place this on the back of the card - away from their main text. We cant wait to get the finished product back from the printers in a few days to send to our excited clients! The one thing we guarantee is that our designs look better in real life than our pics so hearing how much our clients love our finisjed product makes us so happy :)


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