Our New Lasers - Rolling Out Our Lovely Tree Design!

As promised we are still slowly rolling out our beautioful new laser cut wedding invitations. Here we have one we are very excited about - our new tree design. This is one stunning wedding invite. Everyone that has picked up this beauty in the studio so far has literally poured over it for ages - the branches are so intricate on this wedding invitation they really look like modern lace. It's really a design that has to be seen in the hand to fully appreciate. We took a long time illustrating this tree - we wanted it to be modern, detailed and really have an artistic flair. A truly beautiful, rambling and wild tree - rather than a comic version. When this stunning wedding invitation landed back with us we were just ecstatic with the result. The tree is such a lovely symbol and icon for a wedding - reflective of growth, new beginnings and so much more. Seen here in this pic in black and white - this invitation is modern, beautiful and speaks for itself. We are just so excited to get them all up on our new website so that our cherished brides can start ordering them! As mentioned before, this is just one of the palettes - this divine wedding invitation will come in bright colours, recycled card and many more - there is something for all tastes. We are flat out in the Lilykiss studio with a new website and so much more - but stay tuned as e keep roling outthe new laser cuts - there are plently more to come! Althought these wedding invitations aren't on our website yet - you can still order them. For all enquiires contact the Lilyjkiss team at hello@lilykiss.com.au x 


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