Premium Quality Wedding Invites in Melbourne, VIC

Make your wedding invitations stand out with Lilykiss’ range of modern designs

Picking out the perfect wedding card that represents both of you can be quite challenging, especially if you’ve got differing styles. Lilykiss is the perfect place to find a wedding invite that allows you to incorporate elements from each of your personalities to create the perfect card.

Our wide range of traditional and modern styles and unique designs is sure to make them stand out from the normal wedding invites that people receive. It doesn’t matter what shape, colour, typography or theme you’d like, because the team at Lilykiss has got it all covered. We now even offer laser cut wedding invites, which is sure to leave your guests in awe at its intricate and sleek design detail.

Ordering your wedding invites in Melbourne could not be easier – all you have to do is choose the design both of you like, fill in the details needed, and we’ll get it done and delivered right to your doorstep within 10 to 20 working days after your final approval. Since we register our mail, you can track your shipment until it reaches your home in Melbourne! If you prefer to have a look and feel at how your wedding invitations are going to turn out before placing your order, we can also mail over a sample to you for just $5!

With Lilykiss, we understand that planning weddings can be really hectic, which is why our services aim at minimising the need for you to travel around! Just a few clicks of the mouse and you can tick wedding invites off your list! It doesn’t matter where you are in Melbourne, because we’ll make sure your wedding invites get delivered to you.

Drop us an email at or call us on 1300 225 773 for more information on our services!

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