Foil + Wood Invitations

Well... Then there was this. We are lucky enough that our clients trust us to guide them in what will or won't work. When we were asked if we could foil on wood we hadn't even seen it done before, nor were we sure if it could be done! But we love a challenge, and the results that came back are just something out of this world. Truly 2 magical things coming together in a collision of awesomeness. The glamour of the foil, so shiney, so pretty - the unusual nature if the wood, the raw fibres and it's rustic qualities - together, they bring a tear to the eye. So far we have done two designs on the foil + wood - it's been rose gold foil on the mahogany wood, this pairing is spectacular. The blush hues of both are just perfect together! The perfect party. Seriously this is the invite that basically... won't ever be topped. A new plate is made each time for the foiling runs, so you literally get to see your names sparkling in the lights, and with the wood which is an expensive material - they are our most expensive invite - but wowsers are they worth it! We can foil on cherry or birch wood, or in gold, silver, copper or rose gold or bronze foil. We have made a little video that might help showcase these stunners, there is simply no way a still image can do any justice! Even a video for that matter, in the hand they are a real experience. We hope you love looking! We have been matching the wood and foil designs up with paper matching items (ie rsvp / wishing wells etc) to save on costs, they look beautiful as a set, and the paper items really add a freshness. Please note we can colour change easily if you had something in mind get in touch. As this is one invite for those who are going to make one huge impression!

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