1920's Glamour - Set The Tone With Your Wedding Invitation

We love the Art Deco styling of oppulence and glamour. Vintage style queens get your diamontes out as there's a huge trend to pair big bold jewels with your white frock for your wedding day. And it's a trend we are all in favour of! We can't help but notice that gems just keep getting bigger at the moment! What a fun theme to style your wedding by, even if you just have touches of your inner glamour puss. One of our favourite wedding dress designers are johanna johnson. check out her dresses online and swoon away, to us she embodies true 1920's elegance, grace and style - and she's Autralian! Amazing dresses. Are you scared of the big gem trend we are seeing? Why not trial it first before your big day. We found these little beauties at equip of all places, for just $9.75! Take them away from their ugly friends and I'm not sure who would know the difference. Try your style before commiting to the Tiffany's purchase. If you're opting for old style glamour match up your vintage theme wth our stunning Le Parisian flirt wedding invitation. This design has old school oppulence and sets the perfect tone your 1920's inspiration. A wedding invitation to reflect all the beauty we know in Paris! 



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