Rose Gold Foil On Wood! Simply Sublime Invitation

(includes envelopes, formats open up like a card, laser + insert, or a flat card)
3 Select Quantity (min 30)
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  • Tie and swing tags @ $1.75
  • Guests names printed @ $0.75
  • Address labels @ $0.50

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Another wedding invitation that comes in and we literally just go... We can't even handle this, it's too pretty. We love it when clients want to get creative with techniques - and we were lucky that she wanted to see this stunning design in rose gold foil on the mahogany wood. The combination.. Well all we can say is that these pictures do it about 1% of justice. Seriously they must be viewed firsthand to see how sparkling, dazzling, mesmerising and and all the rest they truly are. Before we had done this technique for another client - we had never seen this done before and really didn't know if it could be done! But here we are.. This is the invitation, that tops the list of the best wedding invitation they will ever, ever receive. When amazing techniques come together with unique materials to create something truly special. The wooden invitations are so magnificent - they just get so much attention and are such a unique gorgeous option, the foiling is just so exceptionally pretty for a wedding, so bright the metallic foil is such a premium technique... These are both stand alone amazing. Combine them? Frankly, you are giving your guests a gift! We just don't think it gets any better than a foil on the wood. We especially like the rose gold foil with the mahogany as they both have subtle rosy hues that blend in perfect harmony. We teamed it up here with a black envelope - so it looks more modern, but team it with wine and kraft envelopes for a more rustic look - or blush is perfect with the colours too! Tie it into your theme with a blue tag and envelope - endless options. We love the way that the grains of the wood become so dramatic next to the shiny crisp foil - the foil really pops on the wood and brightens it - they just work so well together! As with all out wedding invites you must order a sample to appreciate the qualities and the beauty of not only the design but the materials and printing techniques that have been used - but ESPECIALLY with this young lady! These pictures do nothing for this invitation. Please order a sample to hold her and see her beauty first hand. It's impossible to capture wood or foil through pictures! We can also do gold or silver foil which would look stunning as a contrast against the wood too. 

The wood is thick enough to really be a strong little piece, its not at all delicate so it looks great with its little tag and twine tied around. It stands as a rigid invite. We love our wood printers and suppliers so much - as part of the great thing about the wood option is what a great choice for the environment these wedding invitations on wood are. Not only are these little guys gorgeous and unique looking and feeling, they are a great eco-friendly option! Acording to our printers, printing on wood actually use less trees than printing on the same amount of paper and our printer plants a tree with every order. Thats a full tree, even though your invites will only use a tiny fraction of a tree to produce. The entire print process uses less energy, no water, much less waste and far less chemicals than the paper equivalent which makes the whole process better for the world. Yes we love them and their beautiful little sustainable set up! We are amazed at just how special these wedding invitations are in every way. So much to love. This design comes with matching rsvp cards, place cards, menus and all other stationery items - please send us an email for pics, they will be online soon. We usually print the rsvp card etc on paper in the same design, not only do they look so sweet as a set, but it will keep the costs down. We hope you love the foiling on wood as much as we do!! Claire and The Lilykiss Team x *Please note, the mahogany wood is the darker and most grainy - so pretty, but given the nature of the material, being wood! The colour might vary slightly for your actual order from the sample you receive. It will still of course be cherry wood, but we can't guarantee the colour of each tree, they will be similar but some have a little more pink undertones and some a little more yellow - however they are all just divine. Part of the beauty of woking with a natural material.

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